Three Streetwear Outfits with Blue Jeans

A trend that will never change and less in 2022 is to wear blue jeans with everything. Blue jeans were born to be a staple in your closet since they started in a labor environment until the red carpet moment proved we can not live without them because there will always be a special place for them in our wardrobe. From being a symbol of youth rebellion on the streets to becoming an indispensable fashion statement for everyone, indeed we have to talk about blue jeans which have come a long way in our life Jeans have a universal appeal that makes men style them from a casual style to a fancy one, they are the safest option but the bold one at the same time. Additionally, we have to speak about jeans’ durability and comfort, they are perfect for your everyday outfits and your special date too, they have evolved from the basic one to the embellished due to their versatility, jeans have allowed many alterations along the way and we took that in mind to present you our favorite piece at the moment to make you year better in terms of fashion.

In terms of styles, we have designed a great variety taking into account the cut, fit, and accessories on them to adorn a unique piece for you, we have different styles such as washed, patched, bleached, ripped, and repaired to offer you the best option based on your personality. Blue jeans are versatile, to say the least, and they can be teamed with most garments and footwear to create better combinations than the regular ones. That is why we are here for you, to advise you and transform your classic vision to one where jeans can redefine your everyday experience. Now, we invite you to experiment with your closet, add some Encrypted NYC denim pieces and complete your outfits for this amazing year, full of good moments. Read further to know how to pair your perfect jeans to make your style stronger.


Long Island dark wash ripped and repair jeans




Neutral Outfit

No one can deny that black and white will always be essential colors for your everyday outfits, they allow you to go with the flow and match with your surroundings without being too loud but they keep you fancy. If you want to look fresh and modern we recommend you to wear a neutral tone on your tops and dark blue jeans, perfect for any occasion. From a night date to a casual interview, dark denim mixed with a black hoodie would save your moment. We have in our catalog amazing jeans, our Long Island dark wash ripped and repaired jeans with some squared that emphasize the ripped patches along with these jeans, they also have a washed look in the middle to give them light. With these jeans, we choose a Streetwear fleece black camo hoodie that has a big print on the front with the word “STREETWEAR” as a statement reminder of your style that it is completed with white stripes in a specific part of the hoodie to stand out your sense of fashion.



Multicolor Outfit

If we focus on the 1960s, all its colors are coming back with its textures and patterns, we are talking about Tie Dye and its amazing palette, where orange, green, blue, and yellow are mixed from the center to confirm an abstract pattern that transmits you happiness, that is what we think about when we prepared this outfit. To transport you to a happy era, we have a striking hoodie, our Drip Fleece multicolor hoodie with an explosion of purple, acid blue, yellow, and orange color, and a big“DRIP” word on the front that looks perfect with a happy-go-lucky jean that matches perfectly with the complete outfit. Our California medium blue ripped and repaired jeans evoke sunsets in California, along the beach with a good cocktail and your peers, we want you to feel comfy and warm without being too boring.


California medium blue ripped and repaired jeans 



Casual Outfit

Remember to be fashionable without being too basic, a good piece for your routine has to be  flexible in terms of colors, that is why be always think about jeans when it is time to be casual, they look perfect with everything and make you feel you are part of your group of mates.  Why don't you try our Public indigo wash ripped and repaired jeans with classic stitching and patches which dark look fits well with our gray hoodie Sapphire Sherpa interlock charcoal heather black zipped hoodie, a great option when you just want to hang out with your peers on the street.


Public indigo wash ripped and repaired jeans



Include a statement piece in your wardrobe as our blue jeans!

Encrypted NYC Team

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