The Best Skateboard Aesthetic In Encrypted NYC

Constantly everything changes, and fashion too, but we are here to answer you some questions about new trends that appear not to be so new, with it we have brought old street hobbies that return to stay for a long time. We are talking about skateboarding, not exactly a hobby or sport for some but of course a passion. For those who love skateboarding or may do it or people who are looking forward to finding a new diversion to pass the day, we recommend you take a skateboard and make some leaps with it. Historically, Skateboarding was first invented in 1950 in California but until 1965 it crashed in the market in the United States, and finally in the ’90s, with the rise of hip-hop, the streets began to get more familiar with skating as a sort of cultural movement rather than just a regulated sport. This trend remains until today thanks to its refreshing nature that gives us a reason to take our skateboard from our garden and our ripped jeans to the neighborhood once again.



Drip fleece multicolor hoodie

#multicolorhoodie #drip 

As well as skateboarding truly going back, it's style too. We opened our closet to the incredible return of skate fashion, from oversized graphic tees with long sleeves to the classic black and white color palette in all of our apparel which is associated with Vans sneakers. Although you may know what it means to do a kickflip, you don’t have to this time, because we will instruct you into the art of skateboarding from a stylish position. All you need is a savage attitude and a little hustle in your life to become an expert on it, to rock some of our recommended fashionable threads. If you are after a casual look but a new one to hit the street, you have come to the right place, on this blog we are going to transport you to one of the most incredible trips we have done to begin this year. During our photoshoot in Argentina, the Encrypted NYC team met a couple of good peers with outstanding personalities who taught us some tricks on their skateboards. We have all the pictures to transmit you good vibes.


Bushwick bonded reflective stitch heather grey joggers

#greyjoggers #reflectiveapparel 

To begin with an update to your appearance you will need to spend some time on your skateboard in the nearest park….. ¡Just joking! you may need a couple of pieces of advice and you will look as if you have been practicing skateboarding for years. Let’s talk about practical and comfortable pieces, the skater style is characterized by loose and functional clothing, a look that is very appropriate for the sport, bringing also a little bit of protection but what also matters is the carefree and anti-establishment touch on our daily routine. Today, this aesthetic is on-trend again and streetwear is ready to take action with it, directly to your closet; that’s why we have opened a space for this movement through our unique pieces. Among all the marble and cobbled stairs of the Casa Rosa of Buenos Aires, we saw a street scene where our models began to free themselves with the skateboard, by wearing our pieces. One of the most outstanding outfits we captured was our Drip fleece multicolor hoodie with a color explosion to contrast with the gray urban landscape and our basic bottom piece Bushwick bonded reflective stitch heather grey joggers that will make you not get lost on the night and make sure your belongings stay with you during your flips due to joggers’ pockets.


Super Hustle black interlock joggers

#blackjoggers #skatepants 

In the end, what matters more is the mix and match between a good pair of easy-move pants and a loose hoodie on the top. So, while skinny jeans can be too tight and some sweat pants too baggy, we vote for cargo-style bottoms thanks to their durability and versatility. Go for a cropped, cuff a straight-leg design to a couple of inches above your ankles and let free them, like our Super Hustle black interlock joggers. Finally, try a skate staple piece, let the hoodie guide your mood, perfect for a casual occasion because all you need to nail the look is a bit of loos and thick for an extra skateboarding touch and our basic hoodie does it, try our Diamond Sherpa black zipped hoodie a statement piece in your wardrobe


Diamond Sherpa black zipped hoodie

#zippedhoodie #totalblack

Hit the street with your skateboard!

Encrypted NYC Team




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