Sweatsuits: the warmest outfit for this winter

Most of us think about house parties, family and hot chocolate when we talk about winter, but we also think about a good outfit to match with our days. An extraordinary set definitely is a sweatsuit, the perfect combination between comfort and style, a striking set that would never fail you. Initially, a sweatsuit is worn for exercising, to go to the gym or to do some jogging outside but recently it has been used for more casual purposes, like going to a brunch, spend the afternoon with your peers, take a flight to any place or simply be at home and snuggle up in your biggest blanket. For this reason Encrypted NYC has launched a collection with the warmest outfits for this winter, the best  basic mix and match of joggers and hoodies to be around anyplace but always fashionable.


Williamsburg charcoal joggers



First of all, if you want to hit the street with some joggers and hoodies, you must think about basics in order to succeed with your complete outfit, choose a plain color for you sweatsuit like black, white or grey, to be able to match it with a vibrant coat, a cap and high top sneakers. This outfit never fails when you want to look casual but trendy, we recommend you to choose our Williamsburg charcoal joggers with a mottled texture to match it with our Sapphire sherpa interlock dark slate black zipped hoodie, a new release you can find on our website. 


Sapphire sherpa interlock dark slate black zipped hoodie 



Secondly, if you want to be more casual and hang out with your friends just choose a basic jogger and a striking jogger to match with the street scene. Most of the walls of New York City have wonderful colors, unforgettable images but they are always changing as the city does, that's why Encrypted NYC has created a collection of vibrant colors in contrast with more basic ones to mix and match with your tops and bottom pieces. We have many wonderful options for your hoodie, but we are going to present our Legend multicolor fleece hoodie, a colorful garment with green, yellow and black shades which fits well with a pair of black joggers, as our Hustle pockets black joggers, a basic but incredible bottom piece.



Legend multicolor fleece hoodie



Finally, to go to your favorite gym or just to spend the day in the countryside we seriously recommend you a more dynamic sweatsuit, with some pockets on it to keep your belongings safe, while you move around doing adventurous stuff. For that reason, Encrypted NYC has designed the perfect combination, our Greenpoint charcoal reflective interlock joggers with its matching top part, our Rubby Sherpa charcoal zipped hoodie. We have amazing design, you just have to find the best option for you.


Greenpoint charcoal reflective interlock joggers



Be always comfy and fashionable with a good set of sweats with Encrypted NYC.

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