Encrypted goes inside the Philadelphia Graffiti Pier

By the time our team all arrived at the trailhead we were all giddy with excitement. Most of us were excited to return but for a few team members this was their very first time visiting this landmark space, a symbolic memorial of sorts. Graffiti Pier Park is a sort of community-sanctioned public space. However the graffiti art culture thrives throughout the colorfully encased concrete arches wading out into the river, an end not in sight.  Still wild and deserted with plenty of natural foliage this place hasn't become some sort of curated collection of outdoor murals.  Instead it's staying true to its roots and maintaining its distinct reflective and creative pulse.  



Graffiti Park has a somewhat bleak history.  In its former life, it was referred to as Pier 18; a place where trains deposited coal into ships that were contracted and commissioned to go all over the world.  Coal, a commodity of the past, went bust making this once bustling port a vacant hub.  Before long, adventurous and curious locals found the space, deserted by an old industry of the past, and they gave it a new life.  Graffiti Park provides Philly an opportunity to engage with a thriving local culture.  This place has become a magnet for inquisitive visitors near and far thanks to Google and is one of the most tagged places on Instagram in all of Philly. 




Unlike other landmarks in the area Graffiti Park isn't protected.  Graffiti, a beloved art form for many and certainly visible in the city of Philadelphia, should be supported in spaces like Graffiti Park.  Philly hasn't had the best luck with correctly interpreting the actual usage of the space by the people currently using it, remember Love Park.  We progress, the hope is that the city will recognize the unique opportunity it has to foster a completely organic culture that already exists here.   Since it's still privately owned new development that is sure to change in some ways the existing community is a real concern for those seeking to preserve the graffiti culture that made it famous.  As the park expands there is a huge emphasis to leave room for artists and locals currently using the space. 



Our team had an epic adventure, exploring all the different backdrops and imagery provided.  Our E-Commerce Director, Gisela chose this place. She knew it would compliment our brand in the most favorable of ways.  Encrypted is a street style brand for men.  We are a brand that looks to the streets and the world around us to draw inspiration for all the styles we drop.  We're not afraid to use denim in a cool, unsuspecting way.  We live in color and it’s one of our core commitments to our customers to continue to incorporate.



Graffiti Park was the ideal shoot location for our most recent denim release. We wanted some place that had dimension and depth with a fair amount of culture and familiarity throughout. Highlighting our take on the Uber trendy, very popular painted denim style. Stylistically it just made sense, metaphorically it was literally a reflection of our brand, Encrypted. True to its nature, there are no rules in the world of graffiti.  Everything goes wherever it goes, those details often work themselves out. The constant, always evolving world of street art is in some way a reflection of what motivates Encrypted.  Graffiti and street art reflect the nature of fashion with its brief and short-lived moments in time.  Encrypted values the ever evolving space that promotes and entices change, movement and flow. Graffiti Park, a somewhat  hidden gem; located in Philadelphia and lost in the hearts of millions. 


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