From Retiro in Buenos Aires to streetwear with Encrypted NYC

Have you ever heard about Retiro, a famous barrio in Buenos Aires? In this neighborhood, you will find an incredible traditional culture mixed with innovation and a business center which gives it prestige. Once, Retiro was known for being one of the wealthiest barrios in Buenos Aires, which had a lot of luxurious places to rest in, like five-star hotels, but today, due to the city expansion it is recognized as the busiest overland transportation hub with hug interconnectivity related with the surrounding office buildings. For that reason, although Retiro can be thought of as a place for smoking and tights, it is also a place for contemporary and fancy looks without losing the aesthetic. This place inspires us to design a collection that incorporates a statement color palette, like the black and white tones with complementary muted colors like military green to mix and match with the environment. Encrypted NYC opens the possibility to be casual in a corporate mood which adds a little pepper to all the numbers on the table. Each piece of this first collection of the year was made for you and your busy and savage life among skyscrapers.


Respect camo hooded pullover fleece

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Retiro is located directly north of Buenos Aires Centro, a recognized place for its plazas, like the Plaza de Toros and Plaza San Martin with Beaux-arts style architecture and spacious parks. One of its major thoroughfares is Avenida del Libertador because it connects the city from the south to the north, allowing Retiro to have locals and tourists from a lot of parts which shapes it as a cultural center. This barrio and its prominent buildings hold a place for Tango scenarios and festivals where after a long day in the office, it is the perfect escapade for you or even if you are a visitor and just want to have fun there. Prepare yourself with some of our new looks, invite a peer and take your skateboard to go around the city and live the dream. 


Providence navy interlock joggers


One important fact is that you will be surrounded by an entire block of housing where many embassies take place to shape an elegant neighborhood, but once you get into a chill mood you will enjoy the view and feel it as a new edge space. Don’t get lost in the intense traffic, go into a bar of five-star hotels and get a beer to relax and join any celebration around you. Taking into account the institutional architecture like the Torre Monumental, Plaza Fuerza Aérea Argentina, all the basilicas and Churches, Retiro can feel like a peaceful beautiful place to go with your friends or family and be sure that Encrypted will be there with you all the time to make you feel fashionable on our trendy streetwear joggers and hoodies. 


Legend black nylon hooded windbreaker




Hustle pockets heather gray joggers

#grayjoggers #sweatpants

Let’s talk about public transportation and all the possibilities that it brings to you once you visit Buenos Aires, but also all the background you are supposed to tour. We are going, to begin with, to Retiro Station. This railway station is one of the complex centers of the city because it includes three main terminal stations and two subways. In addition to its interconnectivity, it is also very close to the bus terminal in Buenos Aires, where most of the people travel along with it because of its accessibility to the rest of the city and the country in general. Numerous locals and visitors enjoy strolling around it because of its sketchy but well-organized look, with a lot of Instagram spots for your feed. We have tried many spots but our favorite was standing by a bus with all the people around it. Let yourself be with the people and take a break from the fancy buildings, get dirty and live with hustle in your following days, get ready with us and try our Respect camo hooded pullover fleece and a good pair of joggers like our Providence navy interlock joggers.But If you're looking for something more muted for the night get yourself our Legend black nylon hooded windbreaker and Hustle pockets heather gray joggers on our website

Stay cool and see you soon

Encrypted NYC Team




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