Fleece Hoodie a essential trend for you

This year has stood out streetwear fashion in every sphere, from being stylish in daily life to being remarkable in elegant and sophisticated events. In 2021, street wear took the cozy and

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It's difficult to think about our life without a basic but must-have hoodie, one that is easy to bring with you everywhere, like the fleece one, with a zipper to give you control of your outfit. This sportswear piece has gone from playing  field to runway and your closet, as a staple piece in urban subculture life. Today, hoodies have become a part of a collective feeling of belonging to a specific movement or just as a functional and versatile garment which covers you from every situation. It is a smart garment you have to have, and Encrypted NYC has a lot of them.


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Guys, don't be afraid to splash the cash on pattern, sportswear and varsity hoodies, and match them with track tops or joggers, just do it!. Our Hustle Interlock fleece hoodie with red and white stripes kind of varsity jackets is one of the favorite for this fall season, it has black printed “Hustle” pattern on black fabric, which bring us the black on black trend as our Chicago black camo Interlock fleece hoodie has but with an characteristic pattern on it. What we value most on these fleece hoodies is their tactile experience and their unique look which complete you for every occasion, they break up the basic designs but also give you a cozy feeling. 


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Give it a try because you are not gonna leave it!


Beat the Heat,


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