Bleached jeans: a trend for this winter

Most of us are excited for winter, we usually think about when it is going to snow to be able to have a white christmas outside. Imagine yourself and your peers in the middle of Central park, going for a hot chocolate and a fresh donut with it. It’s a dream to ice skating at Prospect Park or crossing the Brooklyn bridge with the city line on your eyes, but always with style and spirit within your jeans. Encrypted NYC has you covered with a good pair of unwavering jeans, those with white shades on them that will make you feel in a winter mood. We are talking about bleached jeans, yes!, they have returned to your closet to stay for a while. Bleached jeans are perfect for any occasion, specifically if you want to stand out in this holiday, always matching with the winter, New York City wonderful season.


Sausalito acid blue ripped and repair jeans


For snowy days, there is nothing better than a matching outfit to carry on christmas season with you everywhere. We recommend you to wear an exciting pair of textured jeans like our Sausalito acid blue ripped and repaired jeans with a bleached texture like a splash explosion all over the denim fabric. This piece is a great option for night dates or striking plans with your friends around, due to its unusual details like some zippers and patches on it. It looks good with a black hoodie and vibrant sneakers to complete your outfit. Another trendy look could be compounded by a colorful hoodie to contrast with snowy days and indigo blue jeans like our Venice ripped and repair indigo wash jeans. Those jeans have some bleached parts, letting you feel casual but at the same time fashionable with the repaired holes on the knees.


Venice ripped and repair indigo wash jeans 



Legend ice wash rip and repair jeans 


Finally, Encrypted NYC has designed a casual everyday outfit to remain good looking and comfy, based on basic jeans like our Tulum rip and repair medium wash jeans. These jeans have a basic feature combined with two important details: white stripes and darker patches, which match with everything in your daily outfit. They were designed to stand out your level and walk with confidence in your routine. Lastly but no less important, we encourage you to wear a bold pair of jeans, our Legend ice wash rip and repair jeans, which have a lot of paint strokes of vibrant and acid colors with a bleached base, the perfect contrast for a white background, as snow is. 


Tulum rip and repair medium wash jeans


Encrypted walks with you through bleached jeans.

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