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Recognize the tone, language, and style always considering our customer personas.
Encryption is the method by which information is converted into a secret code that hides the information's true meaning.

"Sometimes I feel like my only friend, is the city I live in, its beautiful Brooklyn" Mos Def
Real-life is like tangled stories. Stories create style. We tend to think in metaphors and learn through our experiences. At ENCRYPTED we value the details and acknowledge the noise. Using your voice changes the world. Speak, we want to hear from you.
Our stories, forgettable on their own, a FORCE collectively. Not New York City, just New York. This city is full of grind; you wake up, get dressed, step outside, get on the train. Unapologetically coherent. Our story reveals meaning without making the mistake of defining it. We know we can't bring New York to you so we bring you what it feels like. Feel however you want, as long as you’re feeling.

Founder Nathan Matut first set out to be a lawyer, but that didn't work out. He dropped out after a year and moved home. Fresh out of college and without a job Nathan started ENCRYPTED in a Brooklyn basement. Lacking experience but full of passion and drive Nathan saw an opportunity to create stylish men's fashion at a reasonable price. For Nathan, being a native New Yorker, streetwear was already very much a part of his life. As true today as when he started, Nathan continues to value the customer and their stories above all else.
Most paramount was creating streetwear that truly embodied the streetwear culture. ENCRYPTED takes streetwear and turns it into an experience. Not everyone lives in NYC but they can look like it. At ENCRYPTED we are committed to bringing you the looks you want to wear. delivering the latest men's fashion for all of life.

ENCRYPTED has since expanded beyond denim across several categories including denim, graphics, outerwear, and leisurewear. You’ll notice we take chances; from vivid artwork to 3D denim shaping to tech wear. We’re not afraid to try something new.

Being the favored streetwear brand demands constantly adjusting to our customers wants while providing the value our customers have come to expect. Social Responsibility is a real thing and ENCRYPTED takes it seriously. We take every opportunity to give back to our community, participating in a regular donation cycle. We show responsibility throughout the entire process. We use a simple production approach, that includes worker engagement and supplier integration. Each of these efforts represents the substance that drives our business and that is something to be proud of.

As true today as when he started, Nathan continues to value the customer and their stories above all else.

Great fit, easy to move, trendy, leader of the fashion industry, vivid artwork, handmade modern leader of fashion.