Winter vacations in Miami

Unless you're a winter lover 100% of the time, you should take a break from snowy, windy and cold days in New York City and visit other warmer places like Miami. The city of the sun never gets too cold, it always has the perfect weather when you want to spend some fun time far away from your home. Encrypted NYC took inspiration from Miami's most iconic places to visit and translated that good vibes in your clothes to be worn wherever you want, but we recommend you to take them with you and enjoy the sunset by the sea with a good beer and peers.


Legend multicolor fleece hoodie 


To begin with, we are encouraged to visit one of the most artistic neighborhoods in, Miami Design district, and discover amazing shops, restaurants, striking stylish people and colorful spots to hang out. Around each corner you can experience a different scene from what to shop to what to eat and be delighted with international artwork to get inspired with. Encrypted NYC has created a full collection to match with this incredible place, to be able to visit it and feel like you belong to it. In terms of blackand white backgrounds it would be interesting to have a contrasting outfit which you can achieve by choosing our Legend multicolor fleece hoodie with our Capri white wash rip and repair bandana jeans, but if you are in a more relax mood wear our Hustle pockets black joggers. Be sure you take some pictures and submit them to your social media and tag us, we will feel inspired by you to create more special pieces to travel with.


Capri white wash rip and repair bandana jeans



Good Vibes fleece white hoodie


On the other hand, it is awesome to explore big sculptures and iconic work that go well with the innovative and contemporary architecture in Miami. Let’s visit Palm Court and be immersed in a futuristic experience with the Buckminster Fuller Fly’s Eye dome surrounded at the same time by iconic palms of this sunny city. Enjoy your view with our Hustle Graffiti crew neck t-shirt and a good pair of jeans of your selection. Finally we recommend you to visit diverse scenarios like some parkings and skate parks to have a whole view of the city, get deep into their colors and mix with them. We recommend you to wear our Good Vibes fleece white hoodie or our Drip fleece multicolor hoodie depending on your surroundings and match it with our basic black joggers.


Hustle Graffiti crew neck t-shirt 

#hustle #graffitiart 

Miami has the best spots and Encrypted NYC has the best outfits to wear there.



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