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Here we are, celebrating Valentine’s Day with the best attitude. We want you to feel special and loved on this day with our hottest outfits which we have prepared for you. On the last blog we talked about romantic dates on this international event, and how to fit in with each one, but you need to know that we just don’t dress like a rock star on a specific occasion, we also have to be ready to dress for ourselves at any time of the year. For that reason, Encrypted NYC and its team designed a collection of garments to be displayed by you every day of the week if you decide to. First of all, we need to talk about confidence, to be a looker is not just about trendy outfits, but also about how you wear your gear, with style and outgoing personality. Undoubtedly, you need to add confidence to your daily recipe, a pinch of the feeling of self-assurance from your inner self, with a little bit of style, a vehicle able to express who you are and make everyone yearn for you. The following outfits, not only do your look impart a hint of your personality, but dressing authentically also makes you feel more self-assured, thus sexy.  


Boost of self-confidence

Multiple studies have shown that dressing well increases your performance during your day in anything you do, and heightens others’ impressions of you. For example, wearing clothes that make you feel important or intelligent can change everything, like the way you interact with others. This can even make the difference between being hired or being ignored, you just have to decide to take your shot of confidence every morning to work or at night to spend a romantic dinner out, choose a striking outfit that shows your best side unless you want to go unnoticed. A trip in your closet will change everything because you can impress people and make them have good assumptions about you based on what you dress. This means that just with the right t-shirt or jeans, a smarter and hottest character will empower you to have the job you have dreamt about, the deals you desire, and the recognition you want. But, don’t let you think about it later, take action about your closet, pick out your favorite basic shirt of the latest collection, Hustle white marble hooded long sleeves t-shirt, with deep blue jeans to contrast with, choose between our options, and let the jeans find you.



Energetic attitude

Let’s start the party on the street and invite some peers to hang out with you, some beers, and good hip hop with you. This scenario is great for some colors, to stand out from others and make you feel like a party guy. Streetwear looks perfect to show your real personality in your neighborhood, be part of the gang and never let them down, you deserve respect as others do, be bold and make it easy by wearing the hottest jeans to walk with confidence. On this occasion, no matter where you go, at every party you need to be the master of ceremonies, let others talk, discuss your fashionable outfit, no envy, just good talk. Red is usually worn to impress and stand out, that's why we created a pair of jeans with this famous color, Bedstuy zipped biker jeans, mix them with a m=basic hoodie or t-shirt to walk by itself and add an energetic attitude to your event.


Hustle white marble hooded long sleeves t-shirt

#hustle #basicshirt #white 



Bedstuy zipped biker jeans

#redpants #bikerjeans #love 


Appealing taste

The most important step in learning to dress with confidence is to know your own style, go for what you admire and like and everything will look appealing for others too. Perhaps you have an established aesthetic, or maybe you are taking risks every day to develop your own signature, but just make sure you are doing it correctly, and there is no other option than play with your look. Show what you want to exhibit, play with shades and fits, remember to feel comfortable without losing your astonishing style. If you have a clear sense of style, dressing true to who you are likely already brings you confidence. If not, then you are at the beginning of a very exciting journey. That journey starts with our next tip. Use a basic, but true fit outfit, beginning with the perfect pair of jeans, our Long Island indigo wash ripped and repair jeans, and break the ice of others' hearts.


Long Island indigo wash ripped and repair jeans

#longisland #rippedjeans 


Self-confidence will make you feel hot!

Encrypted NYC Team



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