The Evolution of the Jogger

We choose outfit options but if we are crunched on time this is easily turned into a bestseller Jogger post. Use the specs to describe the Jogger if need be or just make the outfits I described in the article. I tried to keep it relative, it's ok to take out outfits we don't have, i.e. bomber jacket.

The Jogger, by far the biggest trend to hit men's fashion in the last decade. And for good reason the jogger speaks for itself, guys pretty much live in them. The men's apparel market can be a tough crowd.  It's not a place where new designs go to "try-out" their looks.  Men's fashion has been consistent and stable, never mind sometimes mind-numbingly stale if not downright boring.  Really, the men's market is almost entirely silhouette focused. That means it's all about the fit. With the mens market experiencing a somewhat lifeless stage it was high time that a new player stepped onto the scene, entering the Jogger.  

So, Joggers were actually a thing over in Europe years before making it into the states and it first appeared in the streetwear market, specifically the sneaker community.  That makes total sense, it's the ideal pant to compliment a sick sneaker. In the last few years there have been huge developments in the athleisure realm.  One could say the Jogger is the categorical and definitive fashion trend of the 21st Century.  This pant, engineered with life in mind, is the best of both worlds, casual and dress.  Think of the Jogger as the perfect collab, before collaborating was a thing.  I mean, judging by the sheer number of Joggers the average guy owns, its fair to say you love them; for everything, especially in the current climate of today.  Where we find ourselves living shamelessly in sweats.

Let's talk about the Joggers humble beginnings.  It's a fairly straightforward story. Originally the thought was that these pants would be a great option for guys headed to work out when it wasn't exactly "shorts weather".  The ankle cuff provided a barrier to the wind and kept the cold out.  The Jogger is lightweight and normally a cotton/poly blend, making it a little warmer than your typical cotton sweatpants.  Technically speaking the Jogger is a classic style athletic pant only they taper in at the leg.  A stylish intermix of athletic and leisurewear the Jogger has become a staple piece in most men's closets. 

No longer the new kids on the block the Jogger is here to stay and with so much wear-versatility we can see why. Encrypted was psyched after the drop of their very first pair of Joggers, it took less than an hour to sell out. Even to this day the Joggers are repeat offenders on Encrypted's bestsellers list.  Fit, material, and style lead Encrypted's Jogger styles. We know it sucks when there's extra fabric riding on your shins, not to mention annoying AF.  We know the Joggers need to feel as good as they look, using only the best cotton/poly blends to provide optimal comfort.  And we know it's not a crime to want to look good, even when you're just going to the store so we make our Joggers effortlessly cool.

The Jogger, essentially a fitted sweatpant, can be styled so many ways.  High schoolers wear them to run wild in the wind, Gen Z's wear them to work, Millennials wear them to the dog park while chasing theirs 2 year old.  They're definitely not the cheap, awkward option anymore, Joggers are now the top chosen choice for most guys, wow say that 3 times.  Checkout the below outfit ideas, maybe you have some of these things already in your closet.  The point is Joggers are meant to be worn several ways. Find the way that feels best to you. 

T-Shirts + Joggers

Joggers were originally an athletic pant so naturally a T-shirt shirt is a great pairing option. This look is really easy and the perfect weekend threads. It's worth mentioning that you will be so comfortable you ride into the new week like it was a long weekend, just kidding but you will be comfortable. 

Sweatshirts + Joggers

Sweatshirts and Joggers is like pigs-in-the-blanket, they just go.  This look can either be very relaxed, almost sleepy but it can also be very trendy.  Think streetwear couture. Athleisure wear is here to stay and this look epitomizes everyday wear.  The jogger is what keeps this look from heading into the second realm.  It's modern and contemporary and stylish.  

Hoodies + Joggers

Hoodie with Joggers is total casual-wear.  The ease and flexibility the jacket provides makes it ideal to run errands in, grab a drink, pick up the couch you got off craigslist, whatever the day has in store for you, you're ready with this winning combo. To put more style in this look play up the layering potential this look gives.

Track Jackets + Joggers

Perhaps this is a set, great you need not think of how to wear this outfit but what shoes to wear instead.  This is the perfect opportunity to wear those new Jordans.  This matching look plays heavy on the athletic look so pay homage to the best and wear those Jordans you've been saving for the dopest low-key outfit.

Denim Jackets + Joggers

A staple and timeless piece once again proves it adds style to anything.  The denim keeps things casual and depending on the Jogger this outfit can be quite understated.  You'll be surprised at the number of compliments you receive with such a simple outfit. The denim jacket will give this look some serious structure, but not too serious.

Bomber Jackets + Joggers

A bomber jacket, a somewhat nostalgic article of clothing for many.  This style of jacket has seen it's day throughout the streetwear culture. It's effortless cool dude flow copped with the Jogger is an automatic vibe.  The jacket is short enough that you're still able to see the Jogger in all its glory. This jacket screams stylish leisure, a perfect comp with Joggers.

Whether you consider the Jogger to be a glorified cinched chino or the greatest gift to man, figure it out, cause they're here to stay. Wherever you fall on the sliding scale of Jogger wear-ability you're sure to find a pair that works with whatever you're trying to do. 

By Brooke @brookejoli

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