The Double C’s in 2022 Cargos and Camouflage

If you are looking to wear something striking this year you should get in tune with “camouflage” and “cargo” style, although these terms may sound a bit daunting at first. Some of the fashions trends you need to be updated with are those which are unexpected, those which most of the people possibly may say “no” to them because of it no common look but here we have a fearless audience, ready to embrace its inner soldier by incorporating nos just greens into it “diet”, but also savage shapes and patterns talking about your closet choices. Be bold and mix colors and textures in your daily look to make it unforgettable, turn around your corner and find us in every social media you have, visit instantly our website and try our statement pieces ( but don’t forget to tag us, we would love to meet you. We are sure that you will never regret this purchase, according to the streetwear fashion experts, camo and cargos were made to blend in, and these days are ready to watch you grow up.


Soho bonded interlock charcoal camo joggers

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From camouflage pants, joggers, and shorts to hoodies, t-shirts, and tanks, there is an alternative made just for you because this trend has been made to embellish yourself and make you feel more sartorially-minded, a person who belongs to the city and its hustle background. Although vintage green camo is basics in your closet, we encourage you to step aside and chose another color palette for this movement, why not wear a black and white palette or a blue one, you just have to go with the flow and mix and match everything with an accessory, enjoy this winter because the minimalist mood in on fire, contrasting with bold patterns. Thanks to the menswear crowd, between the streets we realize military prints are back, they are a way of belonging to someplace among all the chaos. Camo invites you to reinvent yourself and get dirty with paint and mud, and life the city as it is, by overcoming all the noise and blending into it, you own your surrounding, don't forget you are unique and choose our Soho bonded interlock charcoal camo joggers with different shades of gray during the day, but for a brighter night we suggest our Savage pockets white camo joggers. 


 Savage pockets white camo joggers

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You may not believe it, but cargo pants are suddenly looking good, really good we think. Among all the options you will find, the go-to pick has to be a pair of cargo pants for chilling around with your family and friends on a Sunday afternoon. With an Asado on your plans and good beers on the table, you are prepared to be on the forefront, as a soldier does. Last year was a wild one and everything you thought you knew about pants might represent one of this year's wackiest moments, they are going to come along with you from your busiest days to your vacation mood. Welcome to the biggest wearable punchline item in your wardrobe, don’t mess up with your outfit, just include a good pair of cargos and everything will fit perfectly during your day. Encrypted NYC has prepared new pieces to be included in your outfit, like our Mate ice wash zipped biker jeans with zippers on the knees to give a cargo shift to your current ripped jeans and our new Gowanus heather grey joggers with big pockets aside and back to enjoy your time and be relaxed.


Mate ice wash zipped biker jeans

#zippedjeans #cargo 



Gowanus heather grey joggers


The return of these tendencies doesn’t grant you unilateral permission to pull out any pair of pants from the darkness of your closet, but instead choose a good fit, our fit. Find cargo and camo pants and joggers on our website, enjoy our New Year’s sale, we have the right cut and silhouette and there are no two pairs exactly alike, regardless of which style you favor: Your brand gets you covered.

Camo and cargo style is a very stylish proposition, you just need confidence!

Encrypted NYC Team


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