The art of layering with Encrypted NYC

Winter is coming and windy, rainy or grey days with it, but Encrypted NYC has you covered with the best tip ever: The art of layering. While temperatures are dropping, more warm clothing is needed, or that is what we could imagine, but it isn’t always true because we aren’t outdoors all day, unless you are. We are in constant movement and motion, we leave the house in the morning and face a tremendous wind but in five minutes we are back inside, either in the subway or the car. Once we get off the transport, we are one step away from reaching our destinations and that is when we need to be protected but at the same time make a good impression with our outfit, the perfect occasion to show our true style.


Savage short sleeves red t-shirt 

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Being in closed places, where we no longer need to be so covert, it is good to carry several pieces of clothes that allow us to undo those unnecessary garments depending on the temperatures and finally be immersed in our routine environment. The art of layering consists of putting on different garments that together create a complete outfit, starting with the basic and thin ones until reaching the thickest and hottest. Therefore, Encrypted NYC has prepared a list of the most accurate items to wear on a normal day without losing your character, style  and personality. We are going to create step by step the perfect outfit, one that you can change once you have mastered the art of layering in fall and winter.


To begin with, we have the base layers where some t-shirts, tanks and joggers for your bottom piece, are the best option, our recommendation is to wear a trendy one to wow others when time allows it. Think about our Savage short sleeves red t-shirt  and our Madrid Interlock  heather gray jogger. As the next step, a striking hoodie  will make you feel comfy but sharp. We choose our Legend black and red fleece hoodie and  a good pair of jeans like Manhattan black wash rip and repair jeans, as the perfect match to your base layers. To conclude with, we suggest an amazing all black  jacket, our favorite one to give you an elegant look from the outside, our Chicago interlock black fleece hoodie, to always be yourself.

Chicago interlock black fleece hoodie



Madrid Interlock  heather gray jogger 


Master the fall season with  Encrypted NYC.

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