Streetwear Trends for men in 2022

We were born in a city that doesn't sleep, but where your dreams come true; we were born in New York City, a chaotic but wonderful place where you can find your true self. Bounded by the Hudson, East, and Harlem rivers it rises to the center of the world where every culture lives together among steel and glass skyscrapers, and iconic townhouses. Despite its size, New York City is composed of 5 boroughs, between them are Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island that constitute the most populous city in the United States with a huge global influence. We are talking about diversity in its utmost splendor, not just about cultures but also food, landscapes, habits, hobbies, and everyday agendas which can only be lived on the striking New York City streets. From all of that, we created Encrypted NYC with an open vision of the future, a streetwear brand that allows you to be identified with, with a full catalog of options to be worn by you and your peers. We got inspiration from the city and its inhabitants that will always make us proud. 


Brooklyn grey wash rip and repair jeans

#paintedjeans #patchwork   

In the middle of an unexpected year, as 2021 was, we believe in the ability of design to transform your life, through unique garments based on current fashion trends we have created singular collections that could be worn not just here, but also around the world to spread our message, because we believe we are an expansive community that in a way are always connected, and the better place to start is here, in New York City. From the top of the rock to the jazz clubs, Encrypted NYC designs menswear based on the embellishments that we see in that places, colors and shapes are mixed together to bring you the most wearable pair of jeans, strong quotes are imprinted on your t-shirt and the comfiness and luxury are translated into you joggers collection that fits perfectly with our hoodies selection, everything you need is in Encrypted NYC, the brand of the moment, one that wants to grow with you and for you.


 Bahia rip and repair black wash denim shorts 

#rippedshorts #denimshorts  

During 2021, we have experienced a great warm welcome from you, and we expect this upcoming year will be the same, we will make sure that it is going to be that way through a strong brand dedicated to inspiring you every day. Without more words, we want to present to you our selection for this New Year’ eve, a night to celebrate with joy and gratitude for every experience in the past year and the next. For this unforgettable night, we want  you to have your favorite and fashionable pieces of Encrypted NYC wardrobe to be exhibited in the most fabulous party in your neighborhood, with all the lights on. For that reason, we have prepared two outfits that will never disappoint you, full of embellishments and solid colors with some touches of color to be the soul of the event.


Hustle News short sleeves black t-shirt 


First of all, if you are going to celebrate in your favorite city, surrounded by light, spectacles and a good cocktail bar, you have to wear a sparkling, and eye-catching outfit that will make your date will never be apart from you. Choose our incredible Brooklyn grey wash rip and repair jeans with a basic tone that contrasts well with the black and white patches on it and some paint strokes that give you a messy look that every guy wants. To mix and match it, we selected our Hustle News short sleeves black t-shirt with a pattern of a newspaper that brings you luck for the desired 2022, that will be full of hustle to never get bored.


Hustle graffiti crew neck t-shirt


Lastly, if your idea for this New Year’s eve is to pack everything and take the perfect gateway to a paradise on some tropical island, it's better to go for a fresh and showy outfit while you are surrounded by palm trees, fire, and fruit cocktails next to the beach. In that case, why not ripped shorts with a neon top? We have dark denim shorts, Bahia rip and repair black wash denim shorts with some cuts along the length that fits well with our colorful top piece, Hustle graffiti crew neck t-shirt  that always brings joy and energy to your days with its color splashes. We wild and unexpected, choose Encrypted NYC and make remarkable memories.

Thank you for being part of our team, Happy New Year !

Encrypted NYC Team

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