Streetwear Outfits: Top 3 for this fall season

We have experienced a strange year, one that had a striking impact on our lifestyle, changing our habits more or less, but a year which has brought us inspiration to imagine and create unexpectable designs to be able to navigate this fall season. Leaving summer behind, an optimistic season full of vibrant colors and happy vibes we jump in a more relaxed mood, translated into streetwear outfits. 

Fall is all about experimentation, revisited memories and explorations in embellishments with a cozy and basic touch. Encrypted NYC revisited and reinterpreted its own essential and it gave them a turn. Our staple pieces such jeans and joggers play with new details on a plain color giving you an everyday but not less important day look.

We will see re-tailored garments with prints on them, zippers, pockets, and a lot of red and black shades. Take a look at the top 3 outfits for men fashion trend this fall:

1. Loose fit Hoodie +  Fitted Jeans

Loose-fitting clothes have been the classy mood of any streetwear closet. But we are adding a fit shape on it, it is “loose” but not “baggy.” By choosing loose fit hoodies, they still fit your silhouette overall, combined with a good pair of jeans, fitted ones. In this case balance is important, and some well fitted pants like skinny or slim pants really add that look, a deliberate yet laid-back look.

  • Legend tint wash rip and repair Jean

  • Clout pull over fleece legend Hoodie black


- #embellisments #repairjeans

2. Camo joggers and bright t-shirt

Although, Camo style has been out of the fashion trends, it recently has become a great option in the street fashion community. We can see it in a more neutral way, designers reinvented it and they just use one color as a base, playing with different shades and contrasts. You just have to pick up some fitted camo joggers for beginning the day, but always remember to mix them with a bright t-shirt to stand out the outfit, nothing better than a bold pattern on you for this season.

  • Dallas  interlock black camo Jogger

  • Dreamer short sleeves hooded mint T-shirt


#blackjoggers #camo


- #dreammer #hoodedtshirt

3. Black on black

Even if you enjoy wearing a lot of colors, black will always be on your side, it will be on trend every season.Black on black consist in wearing a black top and a black bottom which will match together due to their little differences on the shade, contrast and form, giving you a different way to be elegant and classy with your daily wear. Encrypted NYC has a lot of options to play with shades of black garments, you just have to pick what you really like.

  • Montauk rip and repair dark grey wash Jean

  • Savage interlock fleece Hoodie

  • Savage short sleeve black/white and grey T-shirt


-#ripandrepair #blackjeans

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