Skinny jeans / A Hip Hop signature on the bottom



It feels like it has been years since hip hop became spoken loud about struggles of daily life on the street, but it was until the late 1970’ when Hip Hop began to dominate the urban scene. It has been created as a symbol of fashion to identify a marginalized culture which wants to tell a story based on racism, poverty, and strong social structures.

As New York, the city where this journey began, in the Bronx more specifically, it was vital to be recognized out of boundaries and power limitations by rearranging their own image. That's why Hip Hop music began to create a fashion impact by breaking out established patterns of common apparel, to one who is able to identify an outsider community, therefore there were jeans that appeared on the scene.


Casualwear gives us a fresh way to experience life by experiencing vivid artworklife, which Hip Hop allows us to do. That‘s why it is important to talk about jeans, and their vital role in street life. They began to be the leaders of rappers outfit, who made arrangements to be more comfortable with their identity. By going for straight-legs pants, it would be easier to move with a high degree of versatility, where DIY style, bringed up by punk style, let them be a stamp for Hip Hop. Nowadays, patches, ripped knees and decals are the favorite details for a pair of skinny jeans, a more stretch silhouette for making some moves, giving at the same time a sense of individuality, or as a way to rep your respective set.

Here, in Encrypted, we value identity as a matter of life, we want you to feel comfy and at the same time unique; we offer ripped jeans, washed and colorful skinny jeans for your daily life to become an extraordinary one.

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