Multicultural Palermo: a must in Buenos Aires

We would like to start from the biggest neighborhood of Buenos Aires, where you can find everything you need and would, it is the perfect place to play pool in one of the famous sports clubs or even you can try to have a photoshoot in the middle of a striking street in Soho. You just have to decide where you want to spend your time and go around this contrasting spot in the capital of Argentina. During these three weeks, Encrypted NYC was exploring this astounding city with local models to reflect the audacious spirit you can feel in every person. We spent some days going from location to location and there is no better place to stay rather than Palermo, a place where diversity is evident due to its contemporary, action-packed barrio vibes. As you know, we are a streetwear brand based in New York City, the city of the world where many cultures are entangled together, that was the reason to choose Buenos Aires, specifically Palermo and its similar vibe to our home place, where colors, styles, architecture, food, and fashion emanate a youth air along the streets, a recommended place to going out for happy hour drinks at sunset and, of course, dining in Palermo’s many world-class restaurants.


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To begin with, it is good to know that Palermo is divided into smaller parts which give it its multicultural quality, each one with its unique atmosphere and attractions. Even though we spent some days there, there was no time to explore everything, but we would like to suggest the most outstanding places to visit on your first tour. Our favorite spot to take photos of our new collection was Palermo Soho, yes! you read well, and we are not talking about Soho in New York, but almost. This little neighborhood inside another one, pays tribute to our dearest one in New York City due to its alternative street scene, with a newly fashionable area for culture, arts, and gastronomy where street art is highly valuable. You will find hundreds of trendy restaurants, cafes, and bars at your doorsteps, but it is also easy to hop on the Metrobus or subway to reach other parts of the city. If you are looking for a “hipster” place you will find it there with traditional low houses that have been adapted into bars and boutiques, which creates a bohemian feel to be explored by you. For this plan we recommend you to wear comfy and stylish garments like our black hoodies, Streetwear fleece black camo hoodie with a streetwear jogger to mix and match them.


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To continue with this route, we have arrived in Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Chico, areas that transmit a little bit of glitter on their atmospheres, the first because of its celebrity vibe and the other one because it's enchanted houses along each street. As we were walking into Palermo Chico, we realize that its residential reputation really precedes it due to its many wealthy and famous homes with a lot of embassies located in it, This was a splendid spot to take a picture along the streets because its huge and greeny front gardens, where several parks make the perfect spot to rest during a long day of strolling around museums and a hustling city. This is a place to chill and take life, not to be too serious, think about your dreams and let them be, take a break in your sporty outfit with our Sapphire sherpa interlock charcoal heather black zipped hoodie.


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Finally, If you are fancier and you prefer glitter, flashes, and stylish spots, we suggest you visit Palermo Hollywood, a place where you will shine no matter what. Due to many TV and radio producers installing themselves in the mid-nineties, this area was transformed into a famous spot in the city, where the best restaurants, sports clubs, cafés take place and an active nightlife makes you feel you are close to New York City. Let’s take a day off of museums and have fun with some cocktails with television celebrities, you will find everything from traditional parrillas to fast food and live music in superb rooftops terraces. Look hard enough and you might just spot a celebrity while you enjoy brunch on a cobblestone side street or stumble out of a club in the early hours with your favorite Encrypted NYC night hoodie, our Vibes fleece black hoodie.

Let’s talk about culture, Polo, and streetwear vibes in Palermo

Encrypted NYC Team


Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

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