Miami Beach: A paradise getaway

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As a coastal resort city, Miami beach is a natural and man-made paradise, characterized by its barrier islands between the Atlantic Ocean and Byscayne Bay. Which has created an eminent vacation environment due to its beautiful and colorful shores. Encrypted has captured Miami Beach essence by bringing up to your closet a comfy but vibrant look, giving you diverse options to style the city. You definitely have to wear bright colors, graphic prints, ripped and washed jeans, sleeveless shirts and comfy pants like joggers, doing a call for the 80’s.

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One of the most popular areas where you can relax, take a walk and get an iconic cocktail is South Beach, where the sun rises and makes the beach full of entertainment activities like volleyball, swimming or simply tanning outside. However, SoBe urban life takes importance because of its open culture, not just on the beach but also on the street where you can find incredible restaurants, frequent music festivals, latin- inspired cafes and colorful markets giving you the whole vacation experience, to rest and have fun.

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The best of both worlds, makes Miami Beach a paradise destination full of unparalleled culinary offerings with a unique brunch at the beach or an extravagant nightlife at a coast club. Making this paradise truly like no other, be prepared to dig  your toes in the sand and reserve a soak up the beautiful Florida sun. Visit unique museums like the New World Symphony, Miami City Ballet, Miami Beach Convention center and art exhibitions, boat and auto show which exhibit this is a diverse city  and one of the most popular and fashionable vacation destinations.


Don't forget to grab a beach umbrella and bring a smile on to enjoy your getaway at Miami Beach, where Encrypted has the pleasure to join you along this fulfilling experience, leaving you behind with a golden glow.

Beat the Heat,


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