Enjoy La Bombonera: The most famous stadium in Buenos Aires

How to visit Buenos Aires in summer without going to La Bombonera, the most famous soccer stadium in La Boca, Buenos Aires. This is a magic place where your dreams will come true, surrounded by cheerful neighbors and colorful streets, you will feel you are in a magic place, but with a pinch of adrenaline. La Bombonera is the nickname for Alberto J. Armando Stadium due to its flat shape, almost like a candy box, where one of the best soccer clubs plays, Boca Juniors. This place not just allows soccer players to live an incredible game but also many musicians like Lenny Kravitz, Elton John, and the Backstreet Boys, have had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this place with its excellent acoustics. Similarly, its beauty is translated into the tourists that visit it, with the excitement of seeing this historic sports place in the city of the iconic Leonel Messi. Many of them try to match with the stadium, wearing yellow and blue colors, as our Encrypted NYC team did, the best way to translate your soccer mood into clothes, streetwear clothes.

Once you get into La Bombonera, you may not want to go, not just because of its magic but also all the colonial houses near it. It is a mixture of cultures where you may find typical food, local crafts, and most street art in the La Boca neighborhood. Most of those murals were painted by Perez Celis, an artist who depicts many of the club’s legendary players, transforming this spot into a mandatory stop, defining it as a place of culture. There will be many occasions to go, but if you want to see a Boca Juniors play a game, you must be careful, because you may not find a place to stay, it's always a busy event to go, and the tickets are hard to find, but with a little bit of luck you can do it, be bold!

To truly enjoy La Bombonera in Argentina, you must wear your comfiest and most joyful outfit, wear it with confidence and a positive attitude as soccer produces energy. First of all, we present you with a striking outfit to walk around the surroundings of La Boca, with your peers obviously, a trip that you may prepare to experience a fantastic soccer game. Take your soccer ball with you, with your favorite colors, and make some moves, like “ la chilena” or “la rabona” to impress others and wear a good-looking outfit to do it. We were thinking about Streetwear fleece black camo hoodie, a black hoodie timeless but basic to strolling around with any problem, perfect match to your Hustle pockets charcoal joggers, to not get dirty while you practice.


Hustle pockets heather grey joggers

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Streetwear fleece black camo hoodie

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Finally, if we are talking about standing out among others in the middle of a match, let’s try colors, emblematic colors of Boca Juniors team, blue and yellow but this time we will try a bolder mix, with our Legend multicolor fleece hoodie  you will be a legend. Always mix this type of colorful hoodie with a basic neutral bottom like our Hustle pockets charcoal joggers, those will fit you perfectly. Don't ever think you will be tired of walking through La Boca, Encrypted NYC is perfect to go along with your day.


Hustle pockets charcoal joggers

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Legend multicolor fleece hoodie

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Keep ya head in the game!

Encrypted NYC Team

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