Encrypted NYC trends without precedents for this year

One month has passed and we don't want you to miss anything because we have a lot of trends to teach you to become a fashion icon these days. During the last year, we worked on a very colorful collection to make you stand out from the rest, now we want you to feel unforgettable and unbeatable with a basic color palette that will never go out of style, a grayscale shade to access your closet every occasion you need to. With a little punch of color with accessories and embellishments, you would elevate your outfit but always keep in mind refinement to go out from your nearest Deli to the amazing night party in New York City. Encrypted NYC has prepared a new collection for you with multifaceted styles that can be worn on diverse occasions, they don't restrict you from being chill and fancy at the same time. Choose our joggers as an inner layer, a homie mood, or an active one with a long sleeve shirt to mix and match during the winter months or your adventure time.


Respect black hooded pull over fleece

#marbleprint #hoodie


First of all, our new casual look for those days you want to impress yourself with daring textures and new edge denim. We are talking about marble texture, although it is not a new trend, it is gaining more popularity this year. Marble has played an interesting role in architecture and interior design, but now it is the turn for fashion as one of the favorite textures for creative minds. Some people prefer it due to its industrial inspiration, and there are many styles to choose from, but black and white are the most popular on the streetwear scene. From scarves to hoodies and beanies, you will find a large number of wearable marble prints, but if you're a fashion geek, you will prefer to wear Encrypted NYC one, to highlight your outfit. We have some options for you, but our most famous is our Respect black hooded pullover fleece. This hoodie in black and white has its sleeves with a marble print and a front with the “RESPECT” word to give it all your attention to it. Don't worry, we don't forget the whole outfit, why not try our Firenze ripped and repair dark blue jeans, with a fresh silhouette and an iconic indigo color to dive into your amazing urban life.


Savage fleece heather gray hoodie

#savage #workout


Secondly, let's talk about savage combinations for your exercise time, those options to those lazy mornings when you need to be strong and have all the good vibes of the universe with you to activate yourself. We know that with this winter going on it is difficult to decide to work out but remember, your body is your temple, in other words, you have to exercise, no matter how shitty the weather is outside. Let’s stand up from your warm bed and don’t make more excuses, start your day with a dose of healthy boost. Imagine how stressful the last two years were. Now we have the opportunity to have a new resolution, to finally whip ourselves into tip-top shape. We guarantee you the best outfit to train this 2022. Some of our famous outfits are very comfy at the same time, they fit with any weather and they will allow you to perform in excellent conditions. Go for our Savage fleece heather gray hoodie, with a savage print all over, black and white word on a gray background, perfect for every outfit in your closet, a great zipper to wear it open when the weather is sunny and hot. We encourage you to wear sweatpants in winter mostly because it is the comfiest garment to this rainy and windy weather, not just as your inner layer but also as your statement piece for your closet gym, we are talking about our Williamsburg black joggers. A black piece strolling around the urban landscape to try some flips on a skateboard or a basket during your game, a fresh and timeless piece with good pockets.



Williamsburg black joggers

#williamsburg #joggers #black




Legend black nylon hooded windbreaker



Finally, our dearest windbreaker, the new addition in Encrypted NYC wardrobe, is an interpreted garment of a raincoat but with an urban shift. It was first used by sailors, now it lets us enjoy the rain without having a heavy coat with us. In winter, we have from rain to snow and many changes in temperature with the heathers inside, that's why we recommend you to always bring with you a windbreaker. It is always a good idea to wear a light jacket to have a cozy shelter on rainy days outside, just grab a cup of coffee and hit the street with our Legend black nylon hooded windbreaker.

We have good choices for this 2022. Just try them all!

Encrypted NYC Team





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