Encrypted NYC Summer Under Acid Colors

It’s summer time! the perfect season to wear bright and colorful clothes that match these days full of sunlight. We are pleased to introduce you to our summer collection, where neon tops and painted jeans will make you feel like a ground-breaking person about to splash the street with color and style. 


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Neon and bright colors have always been a summer trend, but this summer they will be redefined as Acid colors, those with a shock factor, driving you to a contrast style.  If you are like me, you tend to add just one piece of color to your outfit, I suggest sticking to one bright tone beginning with our Savage short sleeves hooded mint t-shirt, which combine green top with grey sleeves and cap and completing it with a Marseille rip and repair jean, with some green and turquoise strokes. Hopefully we’ll catch some glances because our street style will be trending in a big way this summer. 


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Besides adding punch, to wear a set or combine different shades of the same color has become the striking option for those who love acid and vibrant adventures. By immersing into a mix and match look, ENCRYPTED NYC introduces you Comic t-shirts and Good Vibes tanks trending with our Biscayne Indigo wash ripped and paint jeans, giving you the strategy to hit the street and not be asked for it. Once again, keeping in mind Acid colors have the power to elevate your basic street mood, add greens, blues and yellow hints, and be balanced by pops of bright pink and red accents to stand out with your graphic tops or painted and washed jeans.


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Beat the Heat,


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