Domino Park with Encrypted NYC

It is simple, enjoy the city life! 

Once you explore New York you are going to realize there is so much fun there, to hang up with your peers in a unique place such as Domino Park in Brooklyn. This singular park is located in a 5 acre public space at 15 River Street along the East River in Williamsburg, as one of the most iconic industrial waterfront parks in NYC.



Domino Park is a urban redevelopment which recalls and honor the famous Domino Sugar Refinery, which produced up to 98% of the sugar consumed in the United States in 1856, this was considered as the “jewel in the crown” of the Domino Sugar empire and today is considered the perfect getaway of leisure in Brooklyn. You can explore it and understand its history through its magnificent and industrial trails, which were renovated to impress and delight you, they are called artifacts.



Here, in Encrypted NYC, we recommend you to choose the perfect match to walk around and get some beers or ice creams, depending on your timetables, as our  Hustle News T-shirt with a pair of jeans like Biscayne Indigo jeans, which you can add our Hustle Interlock fleece hoodie to complete your outfit for nightlife along the park. Take advantage of your time and spend it involved in different activities for a diverse public, no matter what you prefer, you are going to find it, only if you love urban life. You can admire the Manhattan skyline from The Screw Conveyors, Buckets Conveyors and Hoist bridge, but remember to bring a jacket due to its windy mood. And last, but not least, don't forget to spend your day near the Gantry Cranes, and match your outfit with it to take striking pictures and explode your social media with them.




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