Black garments to contrast with the winter

Even though we have started a new year, we are still in winter in New York, a season full of snow down the streets and hot chocolate to warm our days. With a bunch of new opportunities upon us, it’s exciting to look forward to the trends for this weather, but also to understand we are at one step of spring. The good news for you is that black and white will always be the favorite colors for everyone no matter the time in your calendar, and you have good luck because we are prepared to assist you in your closet choices. For this 2022, it is all about comfortable looks, because they are here to stay; we are talking about essentials with some embellishment touches in some cases to make your life bolder. Above all, you wouldn't have to worry about it, Encrypted NYC has prepared a black and white selection of garments for you, you will look astonishing with neutral but ritzy outfits which will never go out of fashion. That means these options will remain in your closet for more time than you thought, the best solution for the next cold months.


Hustle black wash paint jeans 

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Taking this in mind, we move on to the option we have, beginning with the favorite categories of our team: Jeans. Even if we are including some throwbacks to the early 2000s based on the current trends, we also want you to have statement pieces that will last forever. While some of you are hesitant about giving up your skinny jeans, we have a looser fit, similar to the regular one where the aesthetic takes up more space for the gender-neutral cuts, including engaging details in the pockets, front, or the side of your pants. To be more specific, Encrypted NYC has embellished, painted, ripped, and repaired jeans in neutral tones to be your best partners every single day. If you are looking for a basic garment, choose our Hustle black wash paint jeans with a red word on the bottom and a clean cut. But if you're looking for a bolder style with more presence for the night, we recommend you put a touch of color on them, like our Biscayne grey wash ripped paint striped jeans do with black and white stripes on the sides and blue brushstrokes.


Williamsburg black joggers


During winter, most people just want to stay home, or indoors with their peers and family. But others prefer adventures outside in the snow, for both we have the solution, without being bored of your garments we have designed sweatsuits that fit perfectly on your chill or hustling days. All of them are in a neutral tone, to match flawlessly with this white season, winter. Our brand is happy to present you with our Williamsburg black joggers, a total black outfit if you add our Diamond Sherpa black zipped hoodie, which could be a base layer for your snowboarding lessons or your main one for a night of marshmallows, fire, and your favorite rap sessions.


Diamond Sherpa black zipped hoodie



Hustle Embossed t-shirt 


Lastly, we are going to make you feel great with our tops, we are talking about t-shirts and jackets, to direct others' looks on you this winter, where black draws attention to you. It is proven that the black color on you makes you look wider, serious, and powerful, it's the perfect color to make a strong entrance. For this reason, we choose for you our Hustle Embossed t-shirt with the black graphic pattern on the top, which along with the jeans and a striking jacket can complete the outfit of this season. Don't forget your Hustle Interlock fleece hoodie black and white for this windy and snowy season to warm you and make you contract with the upcoming white days.

Here are the black and white street styles to wear as we head into 2022.

Encrypted NYC Team

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