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Pay attention guys. Compression tights and other confining options, contraptions in the world of women; worn whenever you need to be able to move with ease aren’t your only option. While completely necessary in some situations but not exactly the most stylish option. In response to this little dilemma, ENCRYPTED has designed a line of activewear that is stylish and affordable; added benefit, you don’t have to be a walking billboard anymore.

Activewear, sportswear whatever you call it has officially transitioned out of the gym to the streets.  With this transition we’ve seen sharper, more definition and technical design elements introduced to the typically basic activewear options. Activewear isn’t as difficult or specific as it once was in the styling department, but there are guidelines to creating a cool “off duty” look.

Step 1: No more toddler eating, the food needs to reach your mouth crumb free, however you make it happen doesn’t matter (bag to mouth--hey whatever works).

Step 2: Swear by our guide to wearing activewear in a totally legit way.


Keep It Athletic Up Top

Obviously right? Sweatshirts are so versatile, take advantage of this. Jackets can also be worn when it's not freezing outside, you’ll see. T-shirts are a no brainer and probably consuming a ridiculously maybe even embarrassing amount of space in your drawers. All of them are prime candidates for the perfect casual activewear look.


Ok so this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate all that gear described as technical into regular rotation. If it looks like you could survive an avalanche in it, wear it on the street on your walk to work or to the courts. The jean jacket is a solid choice considering it's been revived with countless color options, premium materials and overall general wearability, as does the athletic zip up. Look for superior elements such as hidden pockets, fancy zippers, and exceptional ribbed details.


So flexible, they can be as basic as a solid color or as wild as tie dye. There’s an infinite amount of graphics should you feel the need to make a statement.  Hood or no hood, pocket or no pocket, you can get away with almost anything with this option. The only caveat being sizing; get YOUR size! You shouldn't be drowning in
it, only a head and maybe some hands visible, this is not the look. The sloppy, dingy look isn’t exactly what you’re going for here. A particularly solid sweatshirt option being one that has blocked colours. This style of sweatshirt creates a simple, fresh, essential look that works especially well with active wear.


The options are endless here. Crazy patterns, all over prints, insane graphics are all at your disposal. Fit is key here, like the sweatshirt you’ll do yourself some good to size correctly. If the goal is to look effortless, try a monochromatic look. A fitted white t-shirt will always work, it’s a classic, easy no brainer option always at your disposal . Whatever you choose, be confident knowing that the t-shirt will always be an ally in your wardrobe.

activewear tops

Keep It Fitted Down Low

Consider the top half as the harder half to style, the bottoms are pretty easy to figure out.  In large part because well you basically have two options: joggers and shorts.  The wait is over, the day has finally come where it is 100% acceptable to wear active wear in public. And boy do you have options when it comes to the various looks you’d like to achieve. Depending on your mood you could go beyond the sporty vibe and materials and blend your active wear on top with something more tailored down below.


Enter the jogger, not only for jogging, this pant will be your go to option. Looking back in the past when the only option was the sometimes sad sweatpants that just seemed out of place outside of the house. We have moved lightyears past this and now offer an incredibly modified pant situation. It's called the jogger, the key is to go for soft, smooth and breathable material that will carry you through your entire day. Listen, things pop up, plans fall through. Basic colors or monochromatic prints, clean cuts and minimal details will serve you the most justice here.




Easy. Casual. Fresh. Cool. Simple. That's what you’re going for. Basically your shorts should look like the abbreviated version of your joggers. Basically follow the same rules since the only difference is you’re wearing 50% less fabric. If you’re looking to try something new in the shorts area try shortening the length. The shorter your short the bolder the look. Remember these basic suggestions and you’re ready to hit the streets.


Encrypted NYC Team

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