3 Top details to elevate your outfit

Are we ready to talk about details?. Because they are the game-changer in fashion trends. Once you understand how to include some details in your outfits you will acquire top pieces to your closet, and Encrypted NYC has a lot of options for you. We have selected 3 top details to go deep with which could be present in different garments such as t-shirts, jeans, joggers, or hoodies, but all of them stand out your presence wherever you go. As a streetwear brand, Encrypted NYC has designed striking clothing to give you a fashion look, always connected with new trends, so you will never be outdated.


California medium blue ripped and repaired jeans

#indigojeans #zipjeans


1 Zipper pockets

Beyond practicality, zippers have added structure to any garment, they make stronger looks through a plane fabric. It is true that a pocket works to keep your belongings safe. to warm your hands or even to hide presents but they also lift up your fashion sense. A zipper pocket marks a limit in your garments, before and after, to play with colors or textures. For example, you can have a plain denim texture, then a black zipper to continue with a corrugated and ripped section giving your outfit a playful look, as our California medium blue ripped and repaired jeans. On the other hand, a good zipper pocket could be a statement in your pants, beginning with the function to keep things but also as the basis of a concept to raise your thoughts through powerful words, like our Hustle pockets heather grey joggers.


Hustle painted black white hoodie

#hustle #graphichoodie



2 Graphics on basics

One way to speak out loud without actually pronouncing any word is to wear clothes that communicate for you. For that reason graphics on garments have been designed, to carry a message, one that you believe in, as Encrypted NYC does. We recommend you to try our clothes with big meaningful words or those with repetitive messages that remember you and others to raise your voice. We have a Hustle painted black white hoodie with a splashing word that invites you to have some “Hustle” to be fun, or our Good Vibes sleeveless black hooded tank to give you energy.


3 Patches

Finally, we include patches in our garments to give them a casual and easygoing look to your outfit, it is going to make you feel very fashionable. Patches on your clothes mean that you have passed some chaos in your life but you have figured it out, it is a mark that makes your outfit relevant and sophisticated inside a casual look. They could be included in your pants or t-shirt like our Manhattan black wash rip and repair jeans, or your tops like our Black paint color t-shirt.


Try these 3 top details on your everyday outfit!

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