Top 5 Denim Trends and more importantly How to Wear Them

By far the most asked question we get here at Encrypted is "how do I wear them?"  We get it, the denim world is exploding with endless possibilities.  Great, until you find yourself drowning in all these possibilities.  It's hard to believe that 2021 is finally here but it couldn't have come any faster.  Considering the Capitols recent storming by Handmaids and it happening on only day 6 of the new year, 2021 has had a tumultuous beginning.  We could all use some clarity, on a lot of things, until then we're here to help you with your denim style. 

Denim stands completely alone in its own category. Makes sense since its probably the option of choice for the vast majority.  Maybe the most functional of all fabrics, denim can be worn almost anywhere.  Obviously, we can't go through all the possible denim options out there but we'll cover the top 5.  


Looks: Classic 

Description: Cotton, typically 5 pockets, functional comfort, relaxed fit

Wear with: Anything. Often the lighter the denim the more casual the look

Notes: Will never go out of style, the versatility is endless.




Looks: Rugged

Description: Includes highlighted, quilted, ripped, holes and moto details

Wear with: Relaxed tee and flat shoe, keep it simple but fashion forward

Notes: For the younger lad. Casual, cool, trendy vibes.



Looks: Edgy

Description: Colorways, patterns, motifs, dip-dyed

Wear with: White fitted tee and sneakers 

Notes: Make a style statement in these streets.





Looks: Trendy

Description: Includes patches, fabric inserts, rhinestones, leather

Wear with: Matching jacket, basic tee and sneakers

Notes: Personality is key; relax and feel confidently original.




Feels: Modern

Description: Think leather looking, waxy finish

Wear with: Gingham top, lace-up boots and unstructured jacket

Notes: Texture is the favored characteristic outcome.

Denim is a go-to for almost everyone for nearly every occasion.  It's just that sometimes it can feel overwhelming and like too hard to choose.  We know there are so many other things we're thinking about and "how do I wear these jeans" isn't one of them. Refer to this quick guide for the next time you're wondering how to wear a certain style of jean.



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