Three trends on jeans you have to try this 2022

Although we have tried sweatpants, shorts, and joggers, we have a winner between all of them, those are Encrypted NYC jeans, they will always be part of your closet as statement pieces for every look you want to recreate. To start fresh this following season, we have for you some of the big jeans trends that will rule your closet for a long time. Be prepared to read this and catch as many details as you can to go directly to our website and be on trend with our striking jeans. For this 2022, the most acclaimed fit on jeans is the loose-fitting one with pops of color or daring cuts to classic raw denim jeans which will make you feel with the fashion vibe. Don't worry, we will make sure that you choose wisely among all the versatile options we have to be worn around this year. The first piece of advice is to mix and match them with everything that could warm you, from knitted shirts, oversized sweaters in cold weather or a classic white t-shirt for insides when you are relaxed, and try to play with your coat or jacket on the top to create a fashion icon of you.

In this blog, we would like to remind you that the styling possibilities with denim are pretty much endless, from casual daily outfits to semi-formal looks. If you’re looking to spend big on a piece of clothing, there’s no better investment than a pair of jeans. Here’s the ultimate list of the most sought-after jeans for 2022. We present you a list of three trends on jeans you have to try this year, whether you want to incorporate into your wardrobe a pair of ripped jeans to stand out or prefer a more basic choice for your daily routine where streetwear is a must and denim is not immune to change, let’s see new styles!

1) Colored Jeans

Colored jeans have transitioned from neon tones to the obscure and pale ones, but for this year new fall-friendly tones like earthy grays, black and white, and some primary colors like red or blue  are easy to pull off and more interesting than just the common denim. Many of these colored jeans give you a touch of color on your streetwear outfit, which could elevate your style instead of obscure it. We recommend you to try our Bedstuy red zipper biker jeans to be the start of the night but if you want something more elegant try our Retiro Moto white jeans. Look for jeans with a slim, straight cut; the brighter the pants, the more neutral your shirt should be. Last, match your shoes: Pair sneakers with something vibrant to embellish you.


Bedstuy red zipper biker jeans


2) Slim fit jeans

While skin-tight silhouettes have almost disappeared from men's fashion, narrow cuts are still there and they will be. It's a timeless fit that's flattering and versatile, so it's always an investment buying jeans that make us feel worthy. It might not be a new trend, but slim-fit jeans will always look great no matter the year or season. The reason this trend has been included in the fashion bible of 2022 is that it is a basic statement to build blocks of your wardrobe. Think about any next event you will have, it's always basic to have Cielo acid-washed jeans to bail you out or a savage choice like our California tint wash ripped and repair jeans to be yourself. It's simple, stunning, and it won't scare you if you stumble upon Instagram photos of yourself 10 years from now.


Retiro Moto white jeans



3) Tapered jeans

If you are looking for something between slim and skinny fit jeans, you have to opt for a tapered cut. Go for a pin roll or a regular cuff at the bottom to show off your sneakers or a few of your socks. Let’s start building your closet and choose tapered pants which will be your go-to pair of jeans. Due to this trend following the contour of the wearer’s legs, they are perfect for a muscular guy with chunkier thighs or even they will help you to show a contoured figure. You must look for Firenze ripped and repaired dark blue jeans.


Firenze ripped and repair dark blue jeans


Choose a good pair of jeans for streetwear cool.

Encrypted NYC Team




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