Three best outfits to tour around New York city

We all are immersed in a rushed routine with commitments and deals to do, but where do we leave our amusement time? We want you to recover your free time and spend it by touring New York City, the city that never sleeps. Enjoy your weekend with some unique activities that this season offers you, take a day off and go to the nearest ice skating rink, visit the American museum of Natural History or explore Times Square at night and get some highlights. Encrypted NYC wants to come along with you by presenting  3 best outfits to tour around your favorite city, New York.


Savage short sleeves white t-shirt 

#newrelease #black&white

First, take your better jacket because we are going to some ice skating park in New York, if you want an iconic visit you can choose between Rockefeller Ice skating rink but if contemporary and renovated is your choice take a look to Le Frak center in Prospect park. Prepare your Chicago black camo interlock fleece hoodie to get you warmth, wear our Savage short sleeves white t-shirt with the best pair of jeans to skate with style, our Maui frost heavy wash jean. Be prepared to crack some ice and move with the best trendy outfit in town.It is a museum night in the most known around New York city, not just because of its striking collection but also because of its movie reference, charged with adventure and fantasy, one of the best ways to spend your day. In order to match with its elegant walls and flooring style, we chose to wear our Hustle interlock fleece hoodie in black, red and white and mix it with a fantastic t-shirt, our Drip short sleeves black t-shirt which has a black on black style to gloss over the hallways and get some fun. Combine your tops with an amazing bottom, our Brooklyn grey wash rip and repair jean that will give you a contrast on your total look.


Hustle interlock fleece hoodie in black, red and white



Mondrian paint medium wash rip and repair jeans 

#paintjeans #reipandrepairjeans

Finally but not less important, we have chosen a striking night surrounded by lights, people and exciting music, we have Times Square as our last stop. It is important to notice that you are going to be watched by others, you become a star and you will need a colorful and pumped outfit to match with. We encourage you to chose our most stunning jeans, our Mondrian paint medium wash rip and repair jeans with  paint strokes combined with your favorite t-shirt, our Black paint paint color t-shirt to complete your outfit, but don't forget to bring your hoodie, Clout pull over fleece legend hoodie in case the wind decide to appear.

 Enjoy your time, enjoy your city with Encrypted NYC.

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