Painted style, a punch of color in your life

To include art in your life is to save it, you are making the best decision for yourself and your surroundings. Once you enter into the mood of creativity, colors, textures, and shapes, the world becomes closer to your understanding because it is full of beauty, creativity, it is full of art in every corner. Several ways of expressing art have saved life to bring others a mood to create instead of being destructive, you may be bored any day of the week but you still have art, go outside, take a picture, nice shoot for your Instagram, look around your neighborhood and you will find expressive wall drawings, sculptures, and narratives through songs and poetic lines. That’s what we want to transmit to you, the happiness of being alive, of being able to enjoy life as it is, full of opportunities to shine and reborn, to wear a garment that inspires you to be the best version of yourself and pass that feeling to others. Encrypted NYC is constantly inspired by New York City, and its diverse culture, a mix of everything where each personality stands out, therefore we are also interested in bringing in international cultures and their amazing landscapes and perspectives. This selection of painted pieces transforms basic clothing into a striking one, a remarkable piece to be worn outside.

You've probably noticed your favorites are all wearing this craft-inspired trend. Organized patterns got crazy and made a revolution in fashion, now your garments turn to be in hustle wherever you go. Explosions of colors and organic shapes are the new bosses in town when you want to stand out from boring styles, painted garments are the new hanging art but in your closet. Let’s try some of them and decide which options fit better with your mood.

A white canvas jogger

No one can deny that a white canvas is the most exciting gift that you can receive because it is a space for you to be yourself, paint whatever you want, and re-imagine any kind of word. But also, we have those peers that are thinking for us and give us a painted canvas with colorful artwork, almost like they have read our minds. What happens with our Verified white-colored interlock joggers? We took a white basic jogger and transformed it into an orange and black mixture. We invite you to wear it when you feel more courageous and combine it with a black striking hoodie on your neighborhood streets.


Verified white-colored interlock joggers

#whitecanvas #painted #joggers

Street art into your sweat pants 

Have you ever wondered how to translate any urban art into your clothes? we did it, our Black red-colored interlock joggers are the perfect sweatpants for strolling around your city and matching with the urban landscape, getting into the mood of hype, and good sneakers. Trust your intuition, you would feel when it is right to choose a painted garment to find success in your life.


Black red colored interlock joggers

#urbanart #streetart #joggers

Basic not too basic hoodie

We are talking about hustle in a single piece, rebellion on the street when routine has dragged you into its arms. Choose wisely, and go for our Hustle painted black white hoodie, it will make you feel different from others but at the same time, you will be wearing something practical and timeless.


Hustle painted black white hoodie

#hustle #blackandwhite #hoodie 

Splash of color for your top

We know that winter is almost ending, why not take advantage of it and bring color to your gray afternoons. Even if you are in a cold city, there is always time to share some beers with your peers, and enjoy the urban life, grab your jackets and go to a fancy bar, your Hustle graffiti crew neck t-shirt is going to attract people to you, that's what colors do!


Hustle graffiti crew neck t-shirt

#graffiti #colorful #t-shirt

Paint your life with colors, and your garments too!

Encrypted NYC Team





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