Men’s Favorites from Encrypted NYC

Winter is almost done, the weather is changing with the end of this season, and your clothes with it. Hopefully, you will have amazing spring outfits to show us, switch your winter closet to your warmer weather favorites. We are talking about jeans and hoodies, casual outfits for every occasion, those are men’s favorites for these upcoming months. If your closet is looking a little overwhelmed with all those coats and puffer jackets, pack everything and keep it for the next year because this season will be lighter and the best time to show your top 5 outfits for every day. We will guide you to refill your wardrobe with our best garments, perfect for next days, be ready and don’t worry too much, this is a good list you can take and go to our website and buy new apparel.  (


Respect first

New York Fashion Week just passed and it gave us a vibe of new trends and good opportunities to follow them. Our latest collection has new textures, including a fashionable one, a marble pattern that stands out your outfit without making any trouble with the color palette, just a black, and white one and a good blue jean to match it. Our recommended outfit includes a hoodie with a big word on the front, Respect black hooded pullover fleece, with marble sleeves and a Firenze ripped and repaired dark blue jeans with white stitches along the legs to give you a careless look.


Respect black hooded pullover fleece

#respect #pullover #marble 

Firenze ripped and repair dark blue jeans

#rippedjeans #bluejeans 


Hustle is always good

Encrypted NYC is always thinking about balance, even when you need some peace in your life, we consider a punch of hustle is good to keep you alive. Add this balance to your outfit with a dark top and a light bottom to create the perfect match. Choose our Hustle black marble hooded long sleeves t-shirt with black and white marble sleeves, and our Murray hill acid wash zipped biker jeans that give texture to your outfit due to its pleats on the knees. 


Hustle black marble hooded long sleeves t-shirt

#marble #hustle #longsleeves 

Murray hill acid wash zipped biker jeans

#acidjeans #lightblue #bikerjeans 


Casual on the street

Keep things simple, don't put so much effort into them with our apparel, we have versatile spring options for you from head to toe that can transition perfectly with this changing weather. You have casual wear for you, don't forget it, we invite you to pick our new garment, Hustle black long sleeves hooded t-shirt, a basic t-shirt but with long sleeves for your comfort, and Mate Indigo wash zipped biker jeans with zipper on the knees to give a visual detail. 


#hooded #tshirt #hustle 

Mate Indigo wash zipped biker jeans

#indigojeans #bikerjeans 


Go to the gym

We know that it was difficult to go to the gym in winter because of the freezing weather, but now you don't have excuses, take your joggers out instead of having them chill inside your home. Wear a savage outfit and let others know you are ready to show up some moves with our Savage fleece heather gray hoodie in gray scale and our basic but fine jogger, Williamsburg black joggers. Decide your day, but make it wisely.


Savage fleece heather gray hoodie

#savageoutfit #greyhoodie 

Williamsburg black joggers

#sweatpants #blackjoggers 


Streetwear with us

We offer our best style to you, an insignia outfit because it represents our fresh mood with pieces that only could be worn by bold people, and we want you to try it during this season. Our Streetwear fleece black camo hoodie, a basic hoodie with a smooth print that goes well with our classic slim fit and vintage stitches, our Long island dark wash, ripped, and repaired jeans.


Streetwear fleece black camo hoodie

#streetwear #black

Long island dark wash, ripped, and repaired jeans

#repairedjeans #washedjeans 

Favorites for each day of the week!

Encrypted NYC Team

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