How to style your black joggers in winter

First of all, we need to define what joggers are, and what they mean today for fashion icons. Originally, they were made for exercise, as a comfy garment to run without an itchy touch, and joggers were thought of as part of sports traditional style. They are lightweight and warm, with an athletic appearance that tapers in at the leg. Most of them tend to have an elastic string for your waist and your ankles to fit your body perfectly. Today, due to many fashion transformations and embellishments, we can have a variety of them according to each of our personalities but a black one will always be the statement piece in your closet. Now, you can see from artists to athletes wearing joggers, they are worn for sports luxe and streetwear events, as a key wardrobe essential. You may no longer need cheap pants, now cool and contemporary sweatpants seems to be a choice. While you can still follow the trends, in terms of colors and patterns, never forget to have your basic pair, black joggers on your outfit could be lifesavers, they can be sophisticated and slimline at the same time.

Encrypted NYC has two favorite pair of joggers for you to buy this end of winter

  • Boston black interlock joggers

  • Super Hustle black interlock joggers

With these two pairs of go-to pants, you would match your entire casual closet, for any event you need to go to. For us, a New York City brand, we decide to combine them with winter clothes, layers around you, some bombers jacket or a good classic coat, and a hype pair of shoes to style them. but if you are in a warm place, you may prefer a fresh outfit, like a striking and colorful t-shirt with some Nike slides to go to the beach or do your groceries. Although we choose two black joggers as must pieces to add to your closet, you also can find more references of other black joggers based on what you're looking for. We love these styles so much, because they give you a basic look without going unnoticed, and they can be worn often and styled in many different ways.


Boston black interlock joggers

#bostonstyle #casualjoggers  



Super Hustle black interlock joggers

#hustle #streetwear #blackjoggers 

For some of us, we only like to wear an outfit once but, in this case, Encrypted NYC has designed incredible joggers to stick with you for a long time. We want you to feel in your comfort zone with them, that's why we‘ve prepared two outfits for two different occasions for you to choose, try new pieces and live new experiences with a look that feels close to you. For going out at night on the weekend, versatility is definitely the best feature of your outfit, try basic bottom garments with striking top pieces. Like our Boston black interlock joggers with our Streetwear black camo hoodie, a perfect match with white details to glow in the dark, and by adding a colorful coat you will be ready to be you between all the lights. Finally, for a chill day in your neighborhood, we recommend you to style your Super Hustle black interlock joggers with a hooded t-shirt, our Hustle black hooded short sleeves t-shirt, and a pair of neon socks of the season colors to add some movement to your ankles for a good afternoon.


Streetwear black camo hoodie

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Hustle black hooded short sleeves t-shirt

#hustleshirt #basictshirt 

Let’s go for the basics!

Encrypted NYC Team

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