Embellishment on Jeans: a staple in street style

We will always have a staple piece in our closet, that is jeans for street lifestyle. At Encrypted NYC, Jeans are our signature pieces, which gives you a comfy and casual look  but most importantly, they become a piece of your personality, reflecting who you are and what you like. Through different kinds of interventions, jeans could express our identity  and elevate our style, you just have to trust in your bumper taste and let us give you the best option with our embellishment Encrypted NYC jeans.


- #ripandrepair #washjeans


Talking about embellishment can drive us to many variants, colors and materials and textures but it will depend on your own criteria to  choose the perfect one. Based on street lifestyle, trends are driven by acid colors, painted and repaired jeans, ripped or patched ones and most of them with a wash look. Some people prefer them to have a little more pop and pizzazz, taking them to prefer Marseille Wash jeans, our Amalfi wash jeans or Biscayne black wash jeans, which have brush strokes, ripped and shabby parts combined with a skinny fit. 


- #patchwork #repairjeans


On the other side, If you prefer a sassy look but not a colorful one, and at the same time to take your outfit to a new level, make it stand out from the crowd and highlighting your sense of style you must opt for a Hollywood sequined jeans or our Maui Frost heavy wash jeans  which are more casual, fitted and match with everything on the street. 




To hit the street in this summer or on any occasion, denim will always be one of the first staple for your outfit, because having a huge trend in your closet can’t be wasted, you just have to be creative and bold. It’s time to experiment, let the flow take you and choose an embellished pair of jeans from Encrypted NYC unique options.


- #sequinedjeans


Beat the heat,


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