Breaking into Recoleta, Buenos Aires with Encrypted NYC

Welcome to Argentina, the country of vineyards, empanadas, and soccer; one of the largest countries in South America which are known as one of the most biodiverse countries of the world too. There you will enjoy life as it is, calm and beautiful without any concern of the time just when you are talking about wine and its quality. That’s why we choose Argentine as our next stop, more specifically Buenos Aires, the capital of this amazing country with tango rhythms and tasty asado (barbeque). In its autonomous city, Buenos Aires, culture meets sophistication and good taste where you get lost in its eclectic landscape and have a soccer game in the middle of a park at the same time. Encrypted NYC got inspired by the city of the sun, its flag, looking for a breezy style and we found a piece of Europe there, an Italian and French influence not just in its fashion but also in its architecture and design. Looking forward to transporting you to an immersive experience, we mixed alternative design with our iconic streetwear fit to bring you the best of both worlds and make you feel in the city of “Good airs”.


Good Vibes fleece white hoodie


Between all the opportunities of emergent designers, we begin our story in the epicenter of exclusive brands and upscale fashion houses. We are talking about Recoleta, a famous neighborhood in the northern part of the city by the iconic river, Río de la Plata, where the sun touches the sky. Despite this being a traditional and conservative neighborhood, it is also recognized for being one of the best places to go around and meet the Argentinian culture because of its particular background where colonial architecture shapes its surroundings. Among the iconic place, you have to go, we recommend you to visit the Recoleta Cultural Center, where plastic art takes its place, and its emblematic steel sculpture, Floralis Generica, a representation of hope and reborn every day made by Eduardo Catalano to exalt new beginnings with an innovative system that opens at the mornings, and it closes at sunsets. Encrypted took those contrasts and translated them into colors and styles, to give you a surprising fashion look where your body movement combines with the wind flow. 


Hustle pockets black joggers


For that reason, we have selected some pieces which represent our free and artistic side to be worn by you anytime that allow you to express yourself and have adventure time in a city full of plans. To be sure you are going to enjoy it, we have a perfect outfit to walk the city, our Good Vibes fleece white hoodie with neutral colors and a reminder of the perfect mood with a basic jogger on the bottom, our Hustle pockets black joggers to seek what makes you happy and live in the moment. But if you prefer something more daring you can also select from our first capsule of the year an incredible patterned hoodie which reminds you to be a legend wherever you go, with the perfect white jeans to shine among everyone, good for eating around or a romantic date at night in the Cultural Center.


Hip Hop






Finally, you cannot leave Recoleta if you haven’t visited the National Library of Argentina, the largest one in the whole country with a remarkable architecture that reflects innovation by its time, located in the University of Buenos Aires, characterized by its triumphant entry with greek columns as the face of the law faculty building. In this place, we made an incredible photoshoot, where our team created an essence full of movement and hip hop movements to enjoy the striking landscape. All the textures and shades allow us to go around and create an eclectic mood for this new year, with new opportunities to be involved in street fashion. Encrypted NYC wants to invite you to live in your city and get inspired with us from every corner of this world, in this case, we would like to introduce you to Argentina and its culture.

Are you ready to live a new adventure with us ?

Encrypted NYC Team

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