All you need for Christmas is in Encrypted NYC

One week left until Christmas, but you still don't have your gifts? Encrypted has you covered with our most popular pieces, that are going to be remarkable in the closet of your family member, peer, or your significant other. For that, we have designed bottoms and tops, different from each other taking into account everybody is different and each of us have distinct preferences, but one thing in common is that we always want to feel fresh and fashionable with the trend of the moment, specifically to almost close this year. When we think about gifts, especially about fashion, there is always the possibility to don't know well your audience in terms of choices, that why Encrypted NYC suggest you 3 ways to get closer to your receiver before making any mistake with your present, and also we want to give you some advice of the possible gifts based on each profile.


Diamond Sherpa black zipped hoodie

#blackhoodie #blackisthenewblack    

First of all, you have to define your beloved one, investigate what he likes, look for his style and try to find the most stunning and unforgettable garment for your Christmas gift. To do that you need to follow any of the following steps: 

  1. Spend time with him doing his favorite hobbies, if he is more of a homelike person or he likes to crack the street and have more adventures. Analyze what he likes to wear and which color he tends to include, but always you have to make connections with the daily routine he does.

  2. Scroll along with his media profile, see his pictures and try to identify common outfits or details that tell you about his personality, try to find if he shoots zoom pictures or if he likes to have a whole picture of his outfit in order to focus on the garment details or in the complete look.

  3. Find famous people he identifies with, people who do similar activities or assist with similar events to catch what is happening in his life and to understand better if he is a more casual or elegant person. 

To begin with, defining our beloved one we have identified a person who likes basic and plain colors, they tend to wear essential garments and they compliment them with some standing accessories. For them we have some options for you, don't worry if you need some advice to choose the correct one. Starting from a grayscale mood that suits everything, we recommend some of our grey, black and white pieces. Those can be selected in terms of mood, for a more relaxed attitude, there is a good pair of joggers, a Williamsburg black jogger, with a Diamond Sherpa black zipped hoodie. But if you are looking for a fancy outfit to be worn at night, even at a Christmas celebration, it would be great to get our Montauk to rip and repair dark grey wash jeans, our Drip short sleeves black t-shirt with a striking Sapphire Sherpa interlock charcoal heather black zipped hoodie on top to complete your possible gift.


Montauk to rip and repair dark grey wash jeans

#strikingjeans #blackdenim 

On the other hand, if you discover your beloved one tries to stand out with colors and textures, he is always on the main scenes with a smile on his face. You have found a colorful person, who likes to stand out and find a way to always be the center point. That kind of peer or family member isn’t afraid to show as he is and he is always prepared for adventure time, from his own house or on your neighborhood streets, and he will never reject your gift if you take our advice to select the best option for him. To achieve a successful purchase on our website ( ) we recommend you select our most colorful outfits which, in balance with neutral ones, could be a hit on your Christmas treat. For a more casual day or routine, it would be great to have a hoodie to get comfy on, our Drip fleece multicolor hoodie with a color splash or our Comics fleece multicolor hoodie with a sense of humor will fit well with some of our most iconic jeans, California medium blue ripped and repair jeans with some zippers over the knees or you may select our Long Island acid wash ripped and repair jeans to go with the flow and never be out of style. Finally, if you want to upgrade your gift by choosing a more trendy but classy outfit or garments to pack in a golden bag you must trust us and go for our Legend tint wash rip and repair jeans with some sparkling dot which forms the iconic “Legend” word. Those jeans match perfectly with our Black red fleece legend hoodie which balances a red color with a basic and plain black with our losing the vibrant tone you want for a Christmas outfit.


Comics fleece multicolor hoodie

#graphichoodie #comics  

We know that no matter your gift, you always can trust us and leave us your most difficult fashion doubts to be solved quickly and stylishly.


Legend tint wash rip and repair jeans 


Make sure you have your complete order of gifts for this Christmas holiday with Encrypted NYC

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