5 Best T-shirts styles to hit the street

You must wonder why it is so important to have a basic t-shirt in your wardrobe?Encrypted NYC has the answer, because a T-shirt is the most important staple in any man’s daily life, to hit the street. It is a simple, stylish and iconic garment which has been in our closet since the late 19th century, as a labour force and army undershirt, but later it was established as an outerwear basic piece, it became a rebellious and fashion statement  among all of us.Today, T-shirt, despite its simple shape it has been altered with colors, graphics, patterns and stamps, without losing its essence. 
Encrypted NYC understands the need for having not just one T-shirt in your closet, but at least 5 that you could mix and match with your favorite outfits and represent you. Choose between  these versatile and basic pieces with good quality and different cuts and styles. Consequently, here are the 5 best T-shirt styles every man should own to hit the street, because every great wardrobe starts with a solid base, a T-shirt:

This will be the most wearable and combined t-shirt in your wardrobe. Although It is a simple and one color piece, don’t you dare to subestimate it because it not only has the ability to take us out of trouble in our daily routine, but also it could elevate an outfit to stand out between your peers. This essential type of shirt has transcended all styles over the time and it would make you have more than one because it is impossible to get wrong with it.

  • Space short sleeves blue crew t-shirt

  • Space short sleeves olive crew t-shirt  

- #spacetshirt
Not a morning person? There is also a T-shirt for you. A fan of powerful words? Encrypted NYC has one for you, too. Some shirts have inspiring typography, while others have elaborate designs or trendy ones, but you always would be able to express yourself among them, pull out your graphic tee and bling around it. We want you to feel strong and powerful, without fear to raise your voice, that is why we created text tees designs that speak for you on all levels, wear one of them and impress others with your message and style.
  • Hustle graffiti crew neck T-shirt

  • Black paint color T-shirt

  • Respect legend crew neck scuba t-shirt white black

Autumn is coming and so is the wind, nothing better than a Hooded T-shirt, the perfect combination of a simple and comfy hoodie with the freshness of a T-shirt, it is the best of both worlds. This stunning invention is composed of a sweatshirt with a hood, to protect your head from the cool outside without feeling it in winter yet. Although some garments are seasonal, like coats or tanks, this Hooded T-shirt is ready to be on your side always.
  • Cali short sleeve hooded white T-shirt

  • Savage short sleeve hooded mint T-shirt

  • Legend short sleeves hooded olive T-shirt

Whether you want to take your outfit to another level for your business casual or a weekend scapade, a right pattern in your T-shirt would be your best ally, but remember to combine it with a basic pair of jeans, shorts or joggers to highlight your tee. It doesn’t matter if you decide to wear a risky pattern or a basic one, everybody is going to be visually interested in it.
  • Hustle embossed T-shirt 
  • Savage short sleeves red T-shirt

  • Drip short sleeves black T-shirt

#scubatshirt #acidcolors
One of the most special types of T-shirts is the V-neck, why? because not everybody knows how to wear it. It is simple, you just need to relax yourself and choose one for your warmer days, let the wind and freshness get into you and decide to travel with it, it is a very wise option for a weekend road trip too.
  • Cali short sleeves white T-shirt

  • Vibes black camo crossover V-neck T-shirt 

  • Hustle spray short sleeves V-neck red T-shirt

Don’t forget to get your t-shirt for this season, they will give you confidence and comfort on the street.
Heat the beat,

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