3 Essential winter outfits for men

Guess what? Winter is here and Encrypted NYC wants to prepare you for receiving this cold and fancy season with 3 incredible options you must have in your closet. The first thing it brings to your mind when you mention winter is snow, and we also think about that, but fashionably, we just imagine you walking around New York City streets with cool outfits on you, which are going to be eye-charters during this cold season. Because Christmas is around the corner and freezing days with it, we have prepared a selection of holiday outfits perfect to keep you warm and cozy without losing your style. We have incorporated striking details to stand out your presence.


Streetwear fleece black camo hoodie,

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During 2020, we experienced a world from the inside, looking through our windows how winter was, but now we can go around, drink some beer with our peers, share a hot chocolate with your date and visit your family. In that scenario we want you to make a change and be able to wear a streetwear style, one that is going to make you feel astonishing, with some pair of jeans and a first-grade hoodie with them, leaving apart your slippers and blankets, to enjoy this white time by putting your best foot forward to catch a style. For sure you're not alone in this, Encrypted NYC is with you, just trust us.


Greenpoint charcoal reflective interlock jogger

#reflectiveoutfit #gymjogger


This time, if you are looking at your wardrobe and scratching your head, wondering what you are going to wear this winter, we have always covered that front. Encrypted NYC, a streetwear brand based in New York City which is known as the city that never sleeps, invites you to imagine high and include some essentials in your closet. Once you have gotten those pieces, from joggers, jeans, hoodies, and tops, style your outfit with accessories, put on your hippest sneakers, and add any coat to complete it.


Public indigo wash ripped, and repair jeans 

#classicjeans #Indigojeans


Smart casual

A good indicator that winter is here is because you have to add many layers to your daily outfit, for that reason we have designed a monochromatic outfit that plays well with everything in which case we are going to use black tones to configure it. This outfit allows you to go to your office but also to hang out on a casual date at night. It will never get old to wear black, because it is an atemporal color you will always look on-trend, never old-fashioned. Get ready with our special combo, an astonishing Montauk rip and repair dark grey wash jeans with a painted brush texture and some darker patches that match well with our Streetwear fleece black camo hoodie, a special piece that despites its basic black color, it has a big word that reflects our style, Streetwear on the top. With this casual look, you will succeed during this winter, we recommend you to add a pair of Jordans and a good coat for the night and casual white sneakers with a green bomber jacket to fit on New York City streets.


Back to the gym

Without being cliche, a new year is coming and new resolutions with it, but what happens if you decide to begin those resolutions before the year is over, like to go to the gym and take care of yourself. We constantly live in a busy city and we tend to never have time to exercise ourselves, Encrypted NYC has launched a collection for going to the gym with style. We have a lot of basic stuff to be worn by you, just be ready to pick your garment and get a new look for this upcoming season. Most of our list of resolutions has one that says” Go back to the gym”, that why we want to be along your way to success on that, with our light grey, dark grey, black and a white palette on our clothes we recommend you to take a look of our website and take the best fit for you. Our dark grey set is perfect for those rainy days when you don't want to do anything, but still, you decide to go to train. It has a bottom and a top which you can find on our website www.encryptednyc.com, a Diamond sherpa charcoal zipped hoodie with some details on its pockets and comfy but fine Greenpoint charcoal reflective interlock joggers to glow up at night or below the storm.


Hustle interlock fleece black, a red and white hoodie

#blackandwhite #fleecehoodie



Holiday party 

As Mariah Carey’s song reminds us, “ the snow’s coming down”, and we are going to break the ice with our taste. Most of our upcoming holiday parties are full of red and green decorations, food, and good cocktails. We will pass from seeing our co-workers to our loved ones while we are not in a social distance mood. Therefore, it is time to put on your party indigo jeans and stretch your body. Spruce up your winter spirit and wardrobe with a pair of indigo jeans, Public indigo wash ripped, and repair jeans with the classy color but trendy details. Match it with our going-out hoodie, Hustle interlock fleece black, a red and white hoodie that fits well with a red woolen beanie, and a grey coat for the snow on the street. Going-out tops are our lifesavers, they feel relaxed but at the same time fashionable. This is the opportunity to mix colors with grey tones and stand out from others with your sophisticated and streetwear style. 

For more relaxed revelry, visit us and pick your essential pieces for you!

Happy holidays,

Encrypted NYC Team

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