2021’s Top Men Streetwear outfits

One of the most exciting feelings is to remember with enthusiasm and joy your best experiences through a whole year. It is incredible how much we can change in 365 days, how we make new friends, and how time passes very quickly, full of unforgettable moments that we will keep in our photo albums, some of us in our Instagram feed but others just in our minds. This last week of this year we want to make sure you will never forget your best moments of this year, therefore we have created a fashion capsule with our 2021’s top streetwear outfits. Our team thinks it is good to have in mind those fashion trends whenever we want to revisit our past and see how striking we were back then and never lose our inspiration. Our brand is inspired by you and your diverse personality that always keeps alive New York City vibes. We were born in a city full of opportunities, ways of thinking, and surprising street scenes. We want to remember this year as a way to connect with you and your style, as a way to stand out among all the noise and boring routine to make some hustle with your wardrobe to never be omitted. Encrypted NYC rises from your neighborhood to your closet to bring you unique pieces to come along with every experience you want to tackle, we are a streetwear brand ready to be worn.


Maresias rip & repair grey wash denim shorts

#denimshorts #summer


Scrolling up through my Instagram feed is always the best way to make sure my style doesn’t have an expiration date, although I don't follow trends just for fun I do it because I feel identified with them, and that is what we want you to feel when you wear Encrypted NYC garments, never out of style but always you. To keep that taste with us, we have created a blog where our best 2021’s outfits are within your fingertip reach, a blog that will be a reminder of yourself to never forget who you are and where you want to go. No matter how you identify, you can rock those outfits and feel leisurely, because you should always feel comfortable wearing our garments the way you like. We just give you some ideas to get inspiration from.


Hustle Embossed t-shirt 

#statementpiece #alwaysblack


Taking into account, there are tons of men’s streetwear trend outfits we have got our eyes onto style this final season to close this year with the following top looks of our selection. What our designers focused on was details, in terms of outwear, think about everyday essentials, as well as stand-out statement-makers like colorful pieces. Kiss your basic black fleece goodbye! If you do like to keep it neutral, though, at least go monochrome, because the tonal dressing is in. We could go on and on, but we’d rather show you than tell you. Read on for the top 2021 streetwear trend outfits that absolutely everyone needs to try. 


Plaid patchwork light grey wash rip and repair jeans 

#patchworkjeans #greyjeans


On the top, we have our summer edition, one that can be carried on to the most heavenly places, to your favorite road trip to the nearest beach. For this outfit we recommend you step out from the cold feeling and forget winter to choose the most exciting colors and texture and shine with them. Remember, we want you to feel as if you were part of the place, or at least as you are having some fun in that place. To mix and match with your surrounding our Maresias rip & repair grey wash denim shorts with some folds and patches on them, which fit well with our bold Comic short sleeves white t-shirt, a white basic with some comics design on it, to complete your summer outfits of this 2021, a year that you would never forget, especially for its vacation getaways.


Savage interlock black jogger

#joggers #basicjoggers


For a casual streetwear look, perfect for every day but also an essential to update with some accessories for night dates, we have combined our insignia pieces that play well with everything. Whatever you choose, choose with wisdom but of course, follow our advice, we think these pieces are perfect to work during the day or strolling out with your peers on the street. Look for our Hustle Embossed t-shirt with basic black and mate hustle graphics on it, a statement top piece for our Plaid patchwork light grey wash rip, and repair jeans that add a yellow color to your outfit without being too much for your routine. Encrypted NYC has the best option on jeans for you, visit our Jeans page (www.encryptednyc.com/collections/jeans) we have a lot of categories to choose between them.

Lastly, as this 2021 passes on, we also think it is always good to rest from your chaotic life and just chill a moment or exercise yourself, for that reason we have created our favorite look to do it, to just do nothing else and feel cozy again. We suggest you buy our Savage interlock black jogger with some mate graphics that fits well with one of our most cheerful fleece hoodies, Savage Interlock fleece hoodie which has white stripes at the bottom. Be ready for this last week of the year and enjoy Encrypted NYC outfits on you, we assure you we will never disappoint you.

Be ready to have some fun before this year finishes.

Encrypted NYC Team

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